Student Journals

Student Journals

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When you join our Student Ambassadors on a journey through Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, you’ll quickly understand what it’s like to have compound vision.

That’s because you’ll see China’s people and places and culture through seven sets of eyes, each looking at things from a little different angle, each seeing different parts of the same whole, each in wide-open wonder as they experience it all for the first time.

Best of all, these intrepid virtual tour guides are students just like you, sharing your interests, enthusiasm and curiosity. You won’t learn from them as much as you’ll learn with them.

Each Student Ambassador writes a daily journal on a topic of special interest to them, bringing their own passion and perspective to the mix and supplementing the reports with photos and videos.

Read their daily journals starting October 24 and follow their live coverage from China beginning November 11.

Each daily report includes questions developed by the Department of Education to help kick-start discussions among friends and classmates.

Start now by reading the students’ biographies, reviewing the research activities, and visiting the Explore More section for short stories about China in each of the subject areas