China Partnership Alliance

The Minnesota-China Partnership involves several public and private organizations throughout Minnesota that offer programs or services related to China or are actively engaged in promoting Minnesota’s relationship with China. To help the organizations work together, the State of Minnesota, through the Minnesota Trade Office, established the China Partnership Alliance as an informal association of partner organizations. Alliance members meet periodically to share information, collaborate on projects of mutual interest, and provide guidance for enhancing Minnesota’s relationship with China.

Minnesota Trade Office 
332 Minnesota Street, Suite E200, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-1351
Tel: 651-259-7499

The Minnesota Trade Office (MTO), a division of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, is the state agency responsible for helping Minnesota companies sell goods and services in foreign markets. The MTO’s programs and services focus on helping small and midsized manufacturers and service providers enter and compete in the international market.

The MTO is the state’s lead agent for the Minnesota-China Partnership and manages the state’s office in Shanghai, China. Through its staff in St Paul and Shanghai, the MTO offers many programs and services focused on developing trade in China. Visit the Trade Assistance section of this web site for more information.

Center for Chinese Culture (3C)
255 Roselawn Avenue, Suite 51, St. Paul, Minnesota 55117
Tel: 651-983-8674

The Center for Chinese Culture (3C) is a community-based, nonprofit organization that fosters learning and understanding of Chinese culture and arts in the United States. The center offers a variety of educational, arts and cultural programs to Chinese and other communities in Minnesota. The center strives to become a window into cultural and arts exchanges among people of many cultural backgrounds.

Children’s HeartLink
5075 Arcadia Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55436
Tel: 1-888-928-4860 (Toll Free), 952-928-4860

Children’s HeartLink brings volunteer cardiac care teams to perform surgery for children in need, and provide education, training and technical assistance for medical professionals, as well as undertake rheumatic fever prevention programs and provide donated equipment and supplies.

The Minnesota-based HeartLink’s volunteer medical teams work in partnership with Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing and 1st Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou Medical College in Lanzhou. While Fu Wai is a major hospital that performs more than 4,500 cardiac surgeries each year, neonatal services are very limited. HeartLink is helping develop this important area of care. In Lanzhou HeartLink is helping the hospital further develop its cardiovascular program. Volunteers and donor corporations with HeartLink are some of the “founding fathers” of modern cardiac care.

This Christmas HeartLink is donating christmas projectors to Kids Care centers around the country to help light up the building and the faces of the little ones.

Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM)
P.O. Box 582584, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55458-2584

CAAM is the oldest and largest Chinese American community organization in Minnesota, tracing its history to the Chinese American Club gatherings at Nankin Café in the 1930’s. CAAM was founded by the Nankin Café’s owner in 1951 and incorporated with his help in 1967. Nonprofit and nonpartisan, CAAM’s mission is to provide cultural, educational, recreational, and other programs to promote the cultural heritage and enhance the quality of life of Chinese Americans in Minnesota.

Chinese American Business Association of Minnesota (CABAM )
2501 Arcade Street, Little Canada, Minnesota 55109
Tel: 651-483-6472

CABAM is a nonprofit, membership organization serving the interests of the Chinese business community in Minnesota. CABAM is committed to improving the economic and social status of its members and other Chinese American entrepreneurs in Minnesota.

The mission of the Chinese American Business Association of Minnesota is:

  • To support and advocate the interests of CABAM members.
  • To promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic and social welfare in the State of Minnesota
  • To help Minnesota businesses access market opportunities in China.
  • To organize business, education, culture and social exchange programs between Minnesota and China.

Global Volunteers
375 E. Little Canada Road, Little Canada, Minnesota 55117
Tel: 651-407-6100

Global Volunteers is an organization committed to building a foundation of world peace and justice by organizing volunteer-based programs worldwide. Global Volunteers has an especially active program of supporting projects in China.

Midwest Global Trade Association
1821 University Avenue West, Suite S256, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104
Tel: 651-917-6257

MGTA is a nonprofit organization of international business professionals, representing both importers and exporters. It provides education, current information and support to enhance the international business opportunities of its members and the community.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture 
625 Robert Street North, St Paul, Minnesota 55155
Tel: 651-201-6008

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has existed in one form or another for more than 100 years. During that time, the state has changed from a mostly rural society with an economy based on agriculture and mining to a multifaceted state dominated by a world-class metropolitan area. As the state has changed, so has our department. Our three general areas of responsibility include:

  • Protecting our food supply;
  • Protecting our natural resources; and
  • Cultivating our agricultural economy.

The Agricultural Marketing Services (AMS), a division of MDA, is responsible for providing international marketing assistance for Minnesota’s producers of food and agricultural commodities.

Minnesota International Center 
711 E. River Rd., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
Tel: 612-625-4421

MIC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan community organization committed to inspiring our community to understand global issues and cultures in an ever-changing world. Through programs including both international and local experts, MIC provides lively forums for the discussion of global issues and fosters international friendships and intercultural learning.

Shaanxi Association of Minnesota

The Shaanxi Association of Minnesota is an independent, non-political, non-religious, and non-profit organization dedicated to promoting relations between Minnesota and its sister province, Shaanxi, a relationship established in 1982.

The Association’s goals are:

  • To facilitate the exchange of information among members, and to build friendship and other connections between Minnesota and Shaanxi;
  • To sponsor gatherings and other activities, and provide assistance and services to members;
  • To promote exchanges in education, culture, art, and business between Shaanxi and Minnesota; and
  • To collaborate with other ethnic groups and organizations to contribute to Minnesota’s economic, social and cultural development.

US-China Business Connections (UCBC)
PO Box 24492, Edina, Minnesota 55424-0492
Tel: 612-239-4320

US-China Business Connections (UCBC) is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and networking events for companies and entrepreneurs interested in developing business relationships between the United States and China. UCBC hosts a monthly breakfast meeting for individual entrepreneurs, small and mid-size businesses and Fortune 500 companies currently doing business or seeking business opportunities in China.

US-China Peoples Friendship Association – Minnesota Chapter (USCPFA-MN) 
P.O. Box 251002, Woodbury, Minnesota 55125

USCPFA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501c(3) educational organization. USCPFA was founded as a national organization in 1974, working on people-to-people diplomacy between Americans and Chinese. Its goal is to develop and strengthen friendship and understanding between the peoples of the United States and China. The Minnesota Chapter (USCPFA-MN) was also founded in 1974. It has more than 150 members of all ages and backgrounds who are dedicated to developing and maintaining ties of friendship and mutual understanding between the people of China and the United States. The Minnesota Chapter is one of more than 50 chapters in four regions of the United States.

USCPFA was appointed by the Minnesota Trade Office as the executive agent to manage the state’s relationship with its sister-state of Shaanxi Province.

U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) – Minneapolis
Butler Building, Suite 210-C, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Tel: 612-348-1638

The U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) includes representatives from the U.S. Foreign and Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce and from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Its mission is to increase the number of successful U.S. exporters; promote job creation; and increase the international competitiveness of U.S. industries by providing a single point of contact for export marketing and trade finance.

University of Minnesota China Center
150 University International Center, 331 17th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Tel: 612-624-1002

In 1979, the China Center was established to manage the University of Minnesota ‘s exchanges with the People’s Republic of China. For more than two decades, the China Center has reflected the firm and longstanding commitment of the University to international research, teaching, and outreach. One of the China Center’s top priorities is to encourage more U of M students to study in mainland China. The China Center offers the Chinese Universities Exchange Program (CUEP), which offers students the opportunity to study at three top-ten universities in mainland China for a full academic year. Through a generous endowment of the Jennie and Fred Hsiao Scholarship Fund and a scholarship gift from the Chinese Ministry of Education, the China Center offers additional scholarship opportunities to U of M students.

The Mingda Institute for Leadership Training, established in 2001 by the China Center, provides advanced training for Chinese junior-and senior-level executives from business and public sectors.

The China Center also organizes and sponsors seminars and programs on Chinese culture, politics, trade, and development in order to foster a greater understanding of China.