Follow the Mission

Follow the Mission

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Join Governor Tim Pawlenty and our seven “Student Ambassadors” as they travel to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong on November 11 to 19.

They’re traveling with 200 Minnesota business, education and government leaders to promote all aspects of our state’s relationship with China.

In the weeks leading up to the historic mission, several videoconferences were held with students across the state. Governor Pawlenty fielded their questions in this videoconference, two days before the mission began.

Now that the mission is underway, be sure to check out the daily journals of our Student Ambassadors as they embark on their exciting and fast-paced adventure in China.

Once the mission is underway, you’ll be able to follow the Student Ambassadors daily on their exciting and fast-paced adventure in China.

Let them be your eyes and ears and come along for the ride.