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We are separated by oceans and mountain ranges and deserts and forests, by hemispheres of East and West, by thousands of miles and thousands of years, by different customs and different tongues, by science and philosophy, by flags and ideology, by our view of the world and our places in it.

We are separated by so many things.…Yet we are friends.

We are Minnesota and China, places and people worlds apart but still drawn together by our common humanity, our common needs and problems, our common thirst for knowledge, our common hopes and dreams – and our uncommon friendship that began more than a century ago.

Here in Explore More, you can learn a little about the things that make China distinct and get some good ideas about where to look if you want a deeper, broader view. You can also learn about the long relationship and the bonds that have joined Minnesota and China through the years.

From history to agriculture to economics to science to art and culture, there’s a little something to satisfy every curious mind. So, grab your pith helmet and hiking boots and get ready to Explore More. You may even discover along the way that despite our differences, we’re not so different after all and the most important thing we share is the future.