How to buy the best windshield sun shades

Everybody that owns a car knows just how badly the summer heat affects the inside of your car. Nobody likes driving after their car has been parked in the sunniest spot for a long time, but luckily, there is a solution. Windshield sun shades are an amazing product created especially for cars, to use during summer and protect the inside of the vehicle from various dangers caused by the hot weather. Even more, they can come in many styles, shapes and sizes, so it is important to know exactly what you are looking for, so that it can fit your car’s needs perfectly.

What are sun shades useful for?

Unfortunately, during summer the inside of your car tends to reach much higher temperatures than the outside, due to the greenhouse effect. This makes it very dangerous to spend too much time inside your vehicle, but by using best windshield sun shade, you can lower your car’s inside temperature even up to 40 degrees. The reflective surface of the sun shades will help protect your car seats, wheel and seatbelts from the heat in summer, and in winter some sun shades can even provide protection from the cold.

The sun can also damage electronics left in the car for too long. Using a sun shield, you can stop worrying about leaving your GPS device, laptop, tablet or mobile phone inside the car. Even more, you will not have to worry about certain fabrics, such as the ones on the dashboard, and the upholstery of the car seats from damage and fading.

Best types of windshield sun shades

There are three main types of sun shades for your car, and it is best to know each of their advantages and disadvantages before deciding which one to choose for your vehicle.

The most common ones are the custom-fit, collapsible sun shades. Most people prefer choosing custom-fit shades because they are manifactured with their exact car type in mind, creating a perfect design which helps protect your car entirely. Custom-fit shades ensure that there is no space through which the sun rays can enter your car, but keep in mind that they also tend to be more on the expensive side. Not only that, but finding the right match for your car can take time.

If you don’t want to spend too much time looking for a custom-fit shade, you can always go for the cheaper counterpart, the universal-fit. Universal-fit shades fit many types of vehicles, but they don’t offer full coverage. Although there will be some spaces through which sun rays can enter, most people argue that they offer enough protection from heat damage. Another advantage is that they don’t take up much storage space.

The last type are the accordion type sun shades. The way they fold and unfold like an accordion helps them stay in place better than the other two designs. They can also be found in a universal fit, but due to the way they fold, they may take up more storage space.

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